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The Institution





FUA was founded to:

  • Promote and renew creative disciplines in a city renowned for its history-changing innovations.
  • Offer challenging academic programs that shape inquisitive minds capable of:
    • Approaching academic disciplines with the mindset to deeply understand the principles of the past and how they are present in today’s context.
    • Transforming learning, knowledge and cultural experiences into instruments that shape tomorrow’s future.
    • Contributing to the local culture with the findings, research, and creations developed over the course of study.
  • Provide excellent professional and academic facilities at each campus, which not only offer learning spaces but also enhance and inspire learning potential.
  • Go beyond classroom learning by promoting student interaction with the convergence of the multicultural societies and creative presences in the city of Florence. This is accomplished through the presence of Palazzi Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI) whose facilities and services are open to the public. 


  • FUA is a multidisciplinary institution that seeks to offer dynamic possibilities of study through a rich selection of academic institutions and departments.
  • FUA unites communities, nationalities, compelling projects, and studies capable of shaping the cultural landscape of Florence.
  • FUA encourages students to be challenged by both classroom and service learning for civic engagement, and to challenge the weight of Florence’s glorious heritage in order to contribute to its future with a fresh mind and open eyes.
  • FUA strives to provide its students with an experience that goes beyond the Renaissance façade of Florence by communicating to them that who we are and what they experience go beyond cultural stereotypes.
  • FUA believes that each student should go back home with a clear concept of Florence and Italy that includes a profound cultural understanding gained from integration. What they receive from the experience is a life changed and newfound understanding and perspectives that they will carry in their hearts for the rest of their lives.



  • A rich, stimulating course offering taught by an international faculty, spanning all areas of the institutions grouped under FUA and their specific departments and courses.
  • An academic structure based on lectures, workshops, seminars, and laboratories that promote student learning and creation.
  • Quality, state of the art facilities located in historic palaces throughout the Florence city center.
  • Opportunities for student exposure and interaction with the local culture through civic engagement and service learning on both academic and extracurricular levels and cultural integration projects including the on-going involvement available through Palazzi CEMI.





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Palazzi Florence Association for International Education is made up of the following academic entities:


Apicius International School of Food and Wine Studies: School of Hospitality School of Hospitality, School of Sports and Health Sciences

School of Arts and Sciences: School of Fine Arts, School of Global Studies, School of Horticulture, School of Liberal Studies, School of Life Studies and Human Services, School of Professional Studies, School of Sciences and Mathematics

DIVA School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts

FAST School of Fashion and Accessories Studies and Technology

IDEAS School of Interior Design, Environmental Architecture and Sustainability

SQUOLA School of Center for Contemporary Italian Studies

School of Journalism Communications and Publishing

School of Business


and the following “In the Community” members for cultural integration:

(Further details found in the Palazzi in the Community section of this manual)


GANZO Cultural and Eno-gastronomic Association operated by Apicius culinary students and faculty

FEDORA pastry shop operated by Apicius baking and pastry students and faculty

F_AIR, Florence Artist in Residence program at FUA’s School of Fine Arts

FLY Fashion Loves You vintage and emerging designers store operated by FAST students and faculty

INGORDA for Florence Campus Publishing for Palazzi’s publishing projects and 1-year publishing program



·         Palazzi has the purpose of enriching international higher education for students and partner institutions throughout the world.

·         Palazzi’s name bears the core of our educational mission and philosophy: a group of prestigious, meticulously renovated historic buildings, Palazzi, that have witnessed the civic, political, and economic life of Florence since centuries that strive to bring innovation to the present and future in the midst of a rich historical context.

·         Palazzi mirrors the contemporary face of Florence and invites its students and institutional partners to partake in an educational endeavor the study abroad experience challenges and shapes the mind.

·         Our institutions are one of a kind throughout all of Italy and Europe, and set the standard for international education.

·         We sustain our local culture by bringing to life the arts that have shaped our economy in the past and creating a vital space for them for the present and future.

·         We promote and nurture local, small green mapped businesses that support sustainability and share with our students their love, craftsmanship, and expertise.

·         Palazzi is an integration project that allows students to break through the surface of the academic experience abroad by offering opportunities that allow them to not only study, but to live the past and present while building the future of Florence.




All of the educational institutions belonging to Palazzi are cross-disciplinary and interrelated; students have open access to all curricula and program offerings for a truly wide-reaching choice of areas of study. Palazzi is the singular governing entity that unites the institutions and appoints designated Deans and Administrators to each.

The programs at Palazzi range from a variety of short-term up to Career Programs and four-year academic programs offered in Florence, Italy. The main schools of our institutions address liberal and studio arts, business, fashion and accessory design, hospitality management, culinary arts, food communications and publishing, digital and visual media and imaging, and contemporary Italian language studies. These areas have been developed and expanded with the fast growing changes in higher education and the demand for international collegiate experiences. We are committed to excellence in learning and seek to carry out this mission by shaping students who are sensitive towards global understanding as a result of their academic and social interactions in Florence. Palazzi continually seeks to strengthen its relationships with international partners and is proud of academic partnerships established all over the world. We are open to creating study abroad affiliations with colleges and universities (community and 4-year, public and private) in order to foster academic collaboration and create meaningful programs for the students of such institutions. We are members of several international associations and organizations and partake in key global events each year.

Our presence in Florence contributes a new outlook on how humans approach learning here. The past centuries have produced great minds in this city, whose works densely populate the streets. Palazzi proposes innovative learning strategies that allow students to live in a historic city like Florence with the clarity, curiosity and creativity that will enrich without a doubt the Florence that they will leave behind at the end of their studies.



The foundations of the institutions that constitute Palazzi are based on the following core concepts:

·         Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary learning for students through direct interaction with the academic and social fabrics of our institutions and the city of Florence;

·         A full-immersion approach to our entire range of academic programs abroad whether created for short term, short-term faculty-led, or long- or semester-term lengths of time.

·         The practice of responsibility and integrity in relationships with our partners, a 100% personalized approach that enables students and faculty from a partnering institution to rely upon the support system created by Palazzi institutions and the partner.

·         State of the art facilities allow for students to have the latest technological advances at their fingertips.






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