DIVPVP350 - Special Project: Experiential Learning in Visual Communication - Video Production

Video Production

Semester Credits: 3

Contact Hours: 150




Description: 3 semester credits. This special project course is ideal for highly motivated students who are interested in creative video production. Involvement includes maintaining equipment, video shooting and editing, scouting locations, assisting the video director for logistics and production purposes, and sound editing. EL hours may be distributed from Monday through Friday. This placement may require PM shifts or shifts that take place on weekends or ongoing research-based and production/editing activities for remote placements.
 This special project course features experiential learning hours with our Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI). CEMI are dynamic learning environments created to foster learning through a structured interaction with the community. Remote option students will gain international community exposure through a virtual setting.
Students will be involved in learning by doing through real projects and integration with the local population and territory in order to remove cultural and learning barriers as well as to develop a strong likelihood for success in life.
The experiential learning hours are fully supervised by instructors who track students step by step during their learning experience, monitor and advise according to student needs, and support student initiative. This unique learning model allows students to benefit from an all-encompassing educational experience based on theory and practice in real enterprises, learning of comprehensive operational processes, problem-solving, leadership, and management. 
Main tasks: Visual concept research, location scouting research, video production, post-production, final portfolio. Additional materials/Dress code: Business casual attire for dress code, not applicable to remote option. A DSLR camera with a video function and a lens with a focal length of 55mm or wider is required for this course. Remote option students will need their own access to Adobe software. 
 Prerequisites: Cover letter, CV, and material pertinent to the chosen area, interview. Portfolio of previous work, video shooting skills, editing software experience.