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Bachelor's Degrees offer four areas of study that consist of at least 120 credits hours. Please see below for BA concentration areas per degree.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies, concentrations in: Art History, Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Publishing and Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Food and Wine Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Media

A dual degree option that also grants a US bachelor's degree is also available, in partnership with Fairfield University (CT, USA). See program page for details.




FUA-AUF reviews applications from all over the world. We believe that the blending of cultures creates a more diverse and rich student body that adds to each student’s educational experience. Each application we receive is individually reviewed before a decision is made.

  • Application form and fee: students must submit a completed and signed application form along with the application fee.
  • Official transcripts: For all bachelor’s degrees, students are required to submit a complete certified/official high school transcript and diploma (a certified English translation is required along with course descriptions and syllabi for faculty evaluation). For transfer credit requests related to previous higher education coursework, foreign language transcripts as well as course descriptions and syllabi must be submitted with translations that are certified / authenticated. The Admissions Office reviews the transfer requests with the Academic Affairs Office and pertinent faculty members.
  • GPA Requirements: For US and Canadian students wishing to complete their Undergraduate Program with FUA-AUF, as a transfer student, they must meet a minimum required cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Language proficiency: 6.5 IELTS or 71 TOEFL IBT. Students who score 6.0 IELTS or 61-71 TOEFL IBT will be required to take LACWRS070 (Research and Academic Skills) and LACWWR101 (Fundamentals of Writing).
  • Each qualified applicant will be interviewed by an Admissions officer of FUA-AUF or their nominee in person, by telephone, or other communication means. The main purpose of the interview is to select motivated applicants with the ability to benefit from a solid commitment to FUA-AUF’s program. FUA-AUF actively encourages applications from students of all ages, gender, ethnic, and/or social background, and from students with disabilities.
  • Letters of Recommendation: At least one letter of recommendation must accompany the application. They must be addressed to FUA-AUF Admissions Office and sent electronically directly by the reviewer. Letters submitted by the student are not acceptable. The contents of the letter should address the student's academic ability, potential and what he/she will gain from studying at FUA-AUF and in Florence.
  • Personal Statements: Applicants must include a personal statement. This letter should help us learn more about the applicant and his/her qualities beyond test scores, grades, and work history.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae: Applicants can elect to send a Resume/Curriculum Vitae along with their application. This document should reflect the applicant's work and research history.
  • Direct admission to the bachelor’s degree programs is granted upon completion of Associate’s Degrees / Certificate Career Programs, see specific bachelor’s degree program details for further information.




Gen Ed Requirements: Students must successfully complete at least 48 credit hours in approved General Education courses. Courses must be taken in areas outside of the student major area to satisfy the General Education requirement of FUA-AUF and consistent with General Education component distribution as detailed below:
- English Composition (6 credit hours)
- Mathematics (6 credit hours)
- Physical & Biological Sciences (6 credit hours)
- Social & Behavioral Sciences (6 credit hours)
- Diversity & Intercultural Studies (6 credit hours)
- Italian Language (6 credit hours)

- Humanities (12 credit hours)


Core Requirements: 7-10 core courses related to the specific area of study. 


Capstone Project: 3 credits


Concentration Coursework: 24-30 credits completed in selected concentration area.


General Electives, sufficient to reach a minimum of 120 credits (some programs require a higher credit load, please visit program page).


Please note: FUA-AUF requires an overall minimum grade point average of 2.00, with no more than one grade lower than C- in core courses.


For detailed information regarding each bachelor's degree program, please refer to the curricula below and the program brochure.


B.A in Cultural Studies 



The 4-year B.A. curriculum in Cultural Studies provides students with a solid foundation of cultural knowledge and practices, supported by skills in writing, research, and critical thinking through interdisciplinary perspectives. The program offers the following concentrations:

- Fine Arts 

- Art History


B.A. in Digital Publishing and Communication



The 4-year B.A. in Digital Publishing and Communication focuses on study of the disciplines and media-based projects, and challenges students to critically examine the production and meaning of media. The program offers the following concentrations:

- Digital Media

- E-Publishing

- Visual Communication

- Product Design


Direct admission to the program is granted to students enrolled in the FUA-AUF Certificate Career / AA programs  in Communication and Interactive Digital Media.


B.A. in Hospitality Management



The 4-year B.A. in Hospitality Management allows students to gain fundamental skills in the area of hospitality management through the analysis of the functioning and organization of specific sectors of hospitality, such as restaurants, hotel chains, and resorts. The program offers the following concentrations:

- Hospitality Management

- Real Estate Management

- Special Event Management

- Wellness Management


Direct admission options to the program are available for students enrolled in the FUA-AUF Certificate Career / AA programs in Hospitality Management.


B.A. in Food and Wine Studies


> Program Curriculum, Objectives, and Outcomes


The 4-year B.A. in Food and Wine Studies focuses on the food and wine industry of Italy through theory and practice in the areas of food production, wine and beverage management, and wellness-oriented aspects of these disciplines. The program offers the following concentrations:

- Baking and Pastry

- Culinary Arts

- Enology

- Wellness, Health, and Nutrition


Direct admission options to the program are available for students enrolled in the FUA-AUF Certificate Career / AA programs in Food, Wine, and Wellness Studies.


B.A. in Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Media


Program Curriculum, Objectives, and Outcomes


The 4-year B.A. in Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Media exposes students to industry practices in the rich context of Italy, a global leader of fashion. The program offers the following concentrations:

- Accessory Design and Technology

- Fashion Communication, Promotion, and Media

- Fashion Design and Technology

- Merchandising, Marketing, and Retail


Direct admission options to the program are available for students enrolled in the FUA-AUF Certificate Career / AA programs in Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Media.


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