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The program curriculum is designed to engage students in a comprehensive and dynamic academic experience related to food and wine studies and their respective industries. Coursework draws unparalleled advantages from the institution's location in Florence for food and wine perspectives from both Italian and international perspectives, as well as academic topics that are supported by a unique experiential learning model that directly involves students in practice-based applications throughout the duration of study. The program prepares students for diverse career opportunities ranging from food and wine industry leadership roles, entrepreneurial development, and management positions related to food and wine production, service, and operations.


Program components are structured to be both interdisciplinary and professionalizing in order for students to acquire the abilities of critical thinkers and skilled practitioners. Food and wine traditions rooted in Italian and European heritage will be examined alongside international awareness and the impact of globalization. As prospective members of the industry, students will be involved in academic activities alongside respected experts and professionals through experiential learning methodologies that expose students to the local and global community.


Program objectives:

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of the cultural, historic, sociological, and anthropological background related to Italian food and wine. 
  • Become well-versed in expanded, macro-approaches to food and wine, i.e. the Mediterranean, international regions.
  • Develop competence in the professional practices related to food and wine businesses in terms of both production and service.
  • Apply critical thinking and analysis to the management and business operations conducted in the industry.
  • Support food and wine theoretic and practical knowledge with scientifically-based inquiry, particularly in the areas of safety and sanitation in production and consumption.



  • Demonstrate industry knowledge of global food and wine sectors, and a strong command of the Italian and European regions.
  • Apply best practices in food and beverage production and service operations.
  • Efficiently analyze quality and methodology in food and wine production, and how they adhere to international and local regulations.
  • Demonstrate ability to scale food and wine production and service according to diverse situations and contexts, including types of industry structures.


Career opportunities:

  • Executive chefs and sommeliers
  • Food and beverage industry leadership
  • Nutrition and wellness specialists and consultants
  • Management operations for food and wine production or distribution
  • Consultancy at the specialized level for Italy and Europe
  • Upon completion of the program, students will be able to further pursue studies at the graduate level.



General Education Requirements (48 credits)

Sample view of courses that fulfill gen ed requirements:


English Composition

  • CPJLNN180 Introduction to Journalism
  • ISILDF340 Dante Alighieri's Florence: Readings and Cultural Walks 


  • SMMAFM150 Finite Math 
  • SMMAIC190 Introduction to Calculus

Physical & Biological Science

  • FWDNIN200 Introduction to Nutrition
  • FWDNHW345 Food, Health, and Wellness in Italy

Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • FWFCFC240 Food, Culture, and Society in Italy
  • LAHSMF230 The Medici Family: A Florentine Dynasty

Diversity & Intercultural Studies     

  • CPMCCM190 Intercultural Communication
  • LARSWR280 World Religions

Italian Language

  • 2 Italian language courses required


  • LAPLPS215 Philosophy and Science in Early Modern Italy
  • LARSSS330 Saints and Sinners
  • FAPDFS225 Florence Sketchbook
  • A course from one of the following disciplines:

English Composition and Creative Writing


Italian Studies and Linguistics

Comparative Literature


Religious Studies

Fine Arts

Music and Performing Arts



Core Curriculum for 4-Year Program (25 credits) 

FWFSSA300S Food Safety and Sanitation 1cr

FWCAPC335 Intro to Professional Cooking I EL 6cr (only 3 count here)

FWBPBT320 Baking Techniques I 

FWCATF340 Tradition of Italian Food I 

FWCACC455 Professional Cooking II: Cooking Techniques EL 6cr (only 3 count here)

FWWEWA340 Wine Appreciation: Wines of Italy

FWBPBI325 Breads of Italy: Traditional Breads, Flatbreads, and Rolls 

FWCARC360 Italian Regional Cuisine and Pastry 

FWWEWW360 Wines of the World: The Old World 


Capstone Project – In the area of Program Concentration (3 credits)


Baking and Pastry:

EL component of Restaurant and Production Desserts EL


Culinary Arts:

EL component of Professional Cooking III: Italian Creative Cuisine & Decoration EL



EL component of Wine Communications and Marketing EL


Wellness, Health, and Nutrition:

EL component of Day Spa Operations EL


Experiential Learning Field Hours (9 credits) 

3-credit EL components of the following courses according to selected concentration:


Baking and Pastry: 

Introduction to Professional Cooking I EL

Professional Cooking II: Cooking Techniques EL

Pastry Shop EL


Culinary Arts:

Introduction to Professional Cooking I EL

Professional Cooking II: Cooking Techniques EL 

Food and Beverage Operations and Management EL



Introduction to Professional Cooking I EL

Professional Cooking II: Cooking Techniques EL 

Food and Beverage Operations and Management EL


Wellness, Health, and Nutrition:

Introduction to Professional Cooking I EL

Professional Cooking II: Cooking Techniques EL

Spa Operations and Management EL


Concentration Course Work (30 credits) 

In addition to the required core courses, students must complete the designated credit hours in one of the following areas of concentration.


Baking and Pastry

Examples of approved courses:

FWBPPT475 Baking Techniques II: Italian Pastry Techniques Experiential Learning
FWBPCA450 Chocolate Artistry
FWBPDS480 Dessert Styling
FWBPRD495 Restaurant and Production Desserts 6cr (only 3 count here)
FWBPSB350 Breads of Italy: Specialty Breads and Pizza
FWBPBC310 Italian Classical Cakes and Tarts
FWBPIC440 Italian Confectionery Art
FWBPCC360 Cookies and Petit Fours
FWBPPS355 Pastry Shop EL 6cr (only 3 count here)
FWBPPP506 Precision Pasty Arts and Frozen Desserts


Culinary Arts

Examples of approved courses:

FWBPPT470 Baking Techniques II: Italian Pastry Techniques 

FWCAVC420 Cooking Light 

FWCATF440 Tradition of Italian Food II 

FWDNSC430 The Science of Cooking: Intro to Molecular Cuisine 

FWCANC450 Nutritional Cooking 

HPFBOM405 Food and Beverage Operations and Management Experiential Learning  6cr (only 3 count here)

FWDNTF480 Physiology of Taste and Flavor EL 

FWCAWC480 Worldwide Cuisine EL

FWCAPC490 Precision Cooking and Texture Development 

FWCACC485 Prof Cooking III: Italian Creative Cuisine & Decoration EL 6cr (only 3 count here)



Examples of approved courses:

HPFBOM405 Food and Beverage Operations and Management Experiential Learning 6cr (only 3 count here)

FWWCTW262 Tuscany and its Wines 

FWWEWA350 Italian Wine Appreciation: A Sensorial Analysis

FWWEWF380 Wines and Champagnes of France 

FWWEPP370 Professional Pairing Food and Wine: A Sensorial Analysis

HPFBWC385 Wine Communications and Marketing EL 6cr (only 3 count here)

FWWEVE 350 Viticulture and Enology: An Educational Wine Tour

FWWEWW460 Wines of the World: New World

HPFBWB470 Wine Bar Management

FWWERG305 Table and Wine Grapes of Italy: Vineyard Harvest


Wellness, Health, and Nutrition

Examples of approved courses:

FWCANC450 Nutritional Cooking
FWCAVC420 Cooking Light
FWCAMD515 Menu Development
FWDNDS520 Dietetics and Nutrition in the Mediterranean
SHSSTW420 Personal Training and Wellness
GSHSHW210 The Science of Happiness
SHSSFW380 Health, Fitness, and Wellness in Italy
HPSMDS365 Day Spa Operations EL 6cr (first 3cr count here)
SHSSYT300 Yoga Therapy: Philosophy and Practice
HPSMSO340 Spa Operations and Management EL 6cr (first 3cr count here)


Free Electives (12 credits)

Examples of approved courses:

GSANCA300 Cultural Anthropology

CPJLWM300 Writing for Digital Media

LARSRS150 Introduction to Religious Studies

LAAHAH210 Introduction to Art History


Total Program Credits: 127




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