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Ongoing updates from the FUA-AUF campus

FUA-AUF is pleased to welcome returning and new students on campus for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years. We believe in the resilient power of education, and the transformative potential of education in international contexts. This page is dedicated to informing our academic community of campus operations that students, faculty, and staff should be aware of for the present academic year. This page will be updated on a live basis according to EU and Italian regulations as they are released in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Please note that the information posted below is shared from official sources and authorities, however FUA-AUF does not take responsibility for any content related to Covid-19 protocol, legislation, and EU entry. 



The FUA-AUF campus network is fully operational during the current Summer 2021 academic season, and Fall 2021 / Spring-Summer 2022 sessions will run according to the standard academic calendar.


Covid-19 Pandemic Protocol
The institution's pandemic protocol applied as required by the local/national authorities. The protocol provides:

  • Guidance on safety and prevention measures that can be activated for campus facilities, student housing, and academic activities on and off-campus.
  • Multidimensional contingency plans that may be implemented according to various case scenarios.
  • Specifics related to sanitation practices as required by the local authorities.



The EU provides updated guidelines for European entry. The list of third non-EU countries approved for EU entry is subject to ongoing updates. International students, regardless of their third country’s EU status, may enter Italy for the purpose of study if enrolled in an academic program. For current students entering Italy, the below information is important to keep in mind.


The below points are in compliance with current Italian interpretations and further specifications to the EU policy.

  • Italian legislation, covering the current period until July 30, 2021, refers to the below categories of countries for entry to Italy. Current mobility measures are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italian) and inicludes a country-specific questionnaire (English).
    • Group A - Special autonomous territories in Italy.
    • Group B - Low risk countries, none currently present in this category and to be updated.
    • Group C - EU/Schengen countries and countries with specific testing or quarantine* requirements for entry.
    • Group D - Third countries whose citizens may travel in Europe for any reason and are required to quarantine upon arrival (see exceptions below).
    • Group E - Rest of the world. Travel only allowed for approved exceptions, including study, and requires quarantine*  upon arrival.
  • Visa regulations have not been modified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For students who will need a visa for the duration of their program in Italy, please consult your local Italian consulate’s requirements and appointment booking procedures. The 11/12-week semester session has a duration of less than 90 days for students from countries that have a reciprocal Visa Waiver status with Italy. Should a 2-week quarantine period be required, the 11-week semester still remains under a total 90 days.
  • Students traveling from countries that require quarantine upon arrival must travel with the following documentation for arrival in Italy:
    • Enrollment letter
    • Housing letter
    • Self-Certification form required by the Italian government. Instructions will be provided for enrolled students who are required to fill out the form. 


Incoming students will receive from Student Life and Development updated pre-departure notices regarding entry requirements and advisories, document checklists, and all items related to preparation for arrival, orientation, and housing check-in in Florence.


Quarantine Exemptions


a) Citizens of the US, Japan, and Canada are specially exempted from quarantine for travel with entry in Italy by presenting proof of one of following three conditions. The exemption is approved for the period June 21 - July 30 (further updates will be posted as released).

  • EMA-approved vaccine
  • a negative Antigen, PCR, or Molecular test result from a test taken within 48 hours of arrival in Italy
  • certificate of recovery from Covid dated no more than 6 months before arrival in Italy

b) Airport Arrival through Covid-tested Routes: Covid-tested routes are currently authorized between the following countries and Italian airports in Rome, Milan, Venice, and Naples.

  • US: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (JFK e Newark), Philadelphia, and Washington DC
  • Canada, Japan, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates

Passengers on these approved routes test within 48 hours before departure and undergo a rapid re-test upon arrival in Italy. The double negative resulut fully exempts the quarantine period for passengers of these routes. FUA-AUF students arriving with this flight option may utilize public transportation to arrive at the final destination of Florence via train. 


Airport Arrival in Florence

For all other routes, students should plan on flight itineraries arriving in Florence at the Peretola airport as the final destination. Direct or connecting flights are both acceptable. As per current travel and quarantine advisories for non-EU citizens and residents, it is not possible to arrive at an airport in a different city and take public transport to the final destination unless traveling on a Covid-tested route (see above) that exempts quarantine.
Non-EU citizens and residents will be registered upon arrival. Please see the above "International Student Entry in the EU" section for necessary documents.  
Optional Airport Testing: The Italian public healthcare system has authorized several Italian airports to offer testing and quarantine lodgings to individuals upon arrival. Please note that this option is for those who have not secured quarantine lodging in advance, which is not the case for students who have confirmed FUA-AUF or independent housing. Please note that the hotel facilities are assigned upon arrival and locations are not released in advance; this option is not necessary for FUA-AUF students who have already secured and arranged for the quarantine and academic session housing or are arriving on a Covid-tested route.


Please note that it is possible to request a voluntary fee-based test during the term of study in Florence.




Campus Facilities 

Please see our campus map and facilities page for up-to-date information on our building hours. 


Student Services and Library

  • Students may schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with SLD staff.
  • Library visits in Corso Tintori 21 can be requested.

Please contact sld-studentservices@fua.it for any questions.


Reopening health and safety protocol
In compliance with governmental and regional regulations, we would like to inform our students, faculty, and staff that the campus facility locations of Fedora and the Library have been sanitized according to the provisions of the ISS (Italian National Institute of Health) Covid-19 report, n. 20/2020.



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