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MINGLE (Multidisciplinary Integrated Global Learning Experience) provides the opportunity to design the program of a lifetime. The department of customized programs offers made-to-measure academic packages for institutions and organizations that seek a personalized option for their students and faculty. Credit or not for credit programs can be developed year-round and for groups of all sizes and students of all ages, drawing elements from one or more of FUA's academic divisions. These unique and dynamic courses give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Italian culture through hands-on learning and interaction.




MINGLE aspires to provide a meaningful experience to students and faculty that will inspire them to continue to explore the world around them through hands-on study and interaction. MINGLE works to establish long lasting ties with students, faculty and institutions that come to study and learn in Italy. MINGLE endeavors to develop creative new ways to study and teach traditional and contemporary subjects, thereby stimulating both faculty and students to become more engaged in the subject matter. MINGLE believes that by participating in a customized program, participants gain an expanded worldview through MINGLE’s commitment to cultural immersion and exchange.




Your customized program can be designed using a number of resources, services and educational experiences from FUA academics and facilities. We are at your disposal to make recommendations and will be happy to accommodate any requests you may have.


The following is a guide to the main elements to consider when designing a customized program:


What is the theme of my program?

MINGLE can create a customized program drawing educational elements from one or more FUA academic divisions, drawing upon the strength and diversity of FUA academics and its affiliated Palazzi community engagement member institutions.


What type of program do I wish to create?

MINGLE divides the customized programs it offers into four categories:



“Teaching Florentine Renaissance Art History anywhere else is not as rewarding. It is a dream come true to discuss Michelangelo’s sculptural techniques while peering up at his David, and turn around to see the excitement in my students’ eyes.” - Visiting professor


“I’ve always loved Italian food but never knew it could taste this good! I loved learning how to make fresh pasta in Italy and I will definitely try to make it again when I’m at home.” - Culinary student


“There is something magical about the light in Tuscany, its softness and warmth never cease to amaze me. Learning how to capture that light in photography has enabled me to take a part of Italy home with me.”

- Photography student


Faculty Led - A program where a faculty member designs and participates in the program as an advisor or instructor. As instructors, faculty members are not hired by MINGLE affiliated institutions: they represent their home institution and teach exclusively to their own students. Participants may be either students of, or enrolled through, the faculty member's home institution.


Cultural Heritage - Academic programs that are offered both for credit and not for credit which explore a variety of Italian cultural themes and can be designed by a faculty member or client, or else can be selected from our vast repertoire of tours.


Faculty Development - Programs designed specifically for faculty and administrators that can be customized according to the issues and topics related to the rapidly changing landscape of globalized education.


Cooperative - Programs where students in the group take one class with their accompanying faculty member(s) and one class through MINGLE affiliated institutions.


When do I want to run the program?

Programs may be held at any time of the year. Most programs are held during our 3, 4, and 6 weeks sessions in the summer (from mid-May to the end of August) and during the January intersession, when most students are likely to be on a break at their home institutions. Programs may also be run for shorter periods throughout the academic year.


What will be the duration of my program?
Programs can vary in length from one week to twelve weeks.


How many students will participate?
This depends on the financial parameters and academic objectives of the home and receiving institutions. In general, around ten to twelve students are needed for a program to run.


What will be the academic content of the program?
This will depend on the academic needs of the home institution and if the program is for credit or not for credit.
The program may include, but not be limited to: traditional credit courses, classes, seminars, lectures, guided visits and workshops. Some programs may benefit from the inclusion of a short-term service learning, volunteer or community service project.  


What are the housing options?
A wide variety of housing options are available to students and faculty. Our housing department can arrange accommodation in well-appointed apartments in the city’s historical center as well as in hotels. These options depend on the length of program, time of year and budget.


What other elements will my program include?
Students and faculty will have full use of all institutional facilities including computer labs and printing facilities, wifi internet connection in all school buildings, free use of the school library and gym, as well as having the full support of our Student Life Department for arrival orientation, counseling and advising and access to our full program of extracurricular cultural and sporting activities.
Additional services that can be incorporated into the program to complete the educational and cultural experience include:

Meals: in association with GANZO, the school restaurant and creative learning lab of FUA's hospitality school (Apicius), MINGLE can provide faculty and students with a meal plan. Special welcome and/or farewell dinners are also an option to include in the program.
Field trips: in collaboration with our Educational Field Trips department, made-to-measure culinary, art and cultural educational field trips can be incorporated into a visiting faculty’s course or offered in addition to the program.
Airport pick-up and drop-off: As well as a meet and greet service at Florence airport, our housing department can also provide transport for students to the check-in destination.
Health Insurance: MINGLE’s partner can provide comprehensive health insurance affiliated with many English-speaking doctors/institutions in Italy.


How much will the program cost?
The cost of the program depends on a number of elements and the combination of services chosen according to the financial limitations and academic objectives of the institutions. In general, programs at peak times (summer) that do not align with FUA's academic sessions are likely to have a higher cost.


Who do I contact to discuss more details?
Please write to info@minglefirenze.it to discuss your personalized package as well as to request examples of previous program examples.






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